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We believe in sustainable practices for fisheries in the Caribbean region.
We built StaBlu app that does just that.

Through the application of this innovative system StaBlu aims to identify fish, guide transactions, monitor aggregate data and advise on both buyer and seller on sustainable harvesting and management of fish, especially of priority species such as spiny lobster, grouper and conch and others which may be invasive species such as the lion fish.‍

How the app works

StaBlu puts buyers of fish in touch with suppliers of fish on a “real-time” basis and indicates when a transaction has been made. The app has 3 different types of user profiles: Fisherman, Household buyer, Company buyer.

With a fisherman profile, the user is able to sell fish to different buyers from his/ her island or to other islands by choosing to export. The user can create markets, events or pick up points to sell a catch on his/ her island or to other islands. Moreover, this user can work on orders placed by buyers on the app. With a household or a company buyer profile, the user can buy fish from a fisherman that sells fish at his/ her island, or buy fish from a fisherman from another island that sells other kinds of fish. This user can also create and place a public order or open order for a (specific) fisherman.

The app is free and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. It will be available at a later stage on the Apple Store.

Stablu App’s users

Besides fishermen, household & company buyers, NGO’s as well as the government can also join StaBlu and be informed on several operations on sustainable marine fisheries practices.

StaBlu ensures that fishermen increase compliance with the principles of sustainable fisheries and thereby play an active role as stewards of the protected reefs, parks and species which are the fragile natural endowments of an island and its people.


In October 2017 Sint Eustatius Foundation (SEF) created pilot project StaBlu in response to the need for ensuring that marine fisheries on Sint Eustatius remains sustainably utilised.

StaBlu, is a holistic approach to marine fisheries management which includes the development of virtual infrastructure that puts fisher folk, the consumers of fish and the market into close contact on a daily basis in order to ensure sustainable practices, fair pricing, security and real- time responses to changes in both the seafood market and environment.

SEF was granted funding from the EU to execute this project. Antonio Media B.V. (AM) a UX / UI design agency specialised in the User Experience & User Interface design of Apps, Web-apps & Websites, based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands was contracted by SEF for the design and development of StaBlu. SEF and AM released the app and are working on a partnership for the future.

More about the companies

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Become an investor!

We would love to see the StaBlu app implemented throughout the Caribbean.

The successful deployment of this project in Sint Eustatius (est. 2019) has benefits for the fishing grounds around the neighbouring islands. In addition, the innovation can be a best practice for all OCT’s trying to develop their fisheries.

For more information about the app or investment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.


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